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The content of the baskets varies according to the time of year, since we prepare them with fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables . We have two box sizes and we calculate the necessary quantity depending on the number of workers to whom it is directed. The boxes can be varied or single product.

*We recommend to replace the baskets twice a week to preserve the freshness of the fruit and to ensure that it is at its optimum when consumed. 



We have a selection of cut and ready - to - eat fruit for those who are in a hurry but want to enjoy a healthy snack. Our cut fruit packs are 12 individual units of varied fruit or single product. We prepare it both in skewers and in cups so you can enjoy it at any time.


We have the delicious Milola cookies, gluten and lactose free.


We have three different flavors: orange, almond and cardamom; of spiced carrot and hazelnut and chocolate chips.


This healthy snack is perfect at any time!

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Looking for a snack that provides a high dose of energy?

We prepare natural nuts for you so that you can take them when you need it most without wasting any time.

We also have 5 varieties!



Our offices are open from 8:30am to 1:30pm. Orders are delivered during the morning and only in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. For further information, please contact